Your music, mixed to perfection

After spending hours and hours crafting your sounds, organizing your arrangements, and capturing the perfect performances, you need to make sure each intricate part is heard correctly. That is where a proper mix comes in. By using techniques like EQ, Compression, and Effects, each individual sound can be heard correctly; highlighting and enhancing the emotion of your song.


Because every song is different, some require more work than others during the mix. Things like number of tracks, style of music, number of performers, and more can all factor into the cost of a mix. When you start a project, we’ll take a listen and let you know what the total price will be upfront. You can also request a quote.



Mixing - Starting at $50 

Complete Song Mixing

Track by track EQ, Compression, Effects, and Automation

24 Bit Wave File

Includes 2 Free Revisions


Vocal Tuning Available

Editing Available

Alternate Mix Version - $10

Additional Revision - $10

Mastering - $20

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