Upload your files and fill out the information below. Once your files are uploaded and your information is submitted, you will be contacted with the total price and estimated delivery time. When your mix is finished (usually within 48 hours), you will be sent a link to complete payment and download the files.

First, Upload Your Files

  • Please only upload one song at a time.
  • Pro Tools Sessions or Wave Files of Tracks/Stems are accepted.
  • For Pro Tools Sessions, make sure all audio files are in the audio files folder. Create a copy of a session using “Save Copy In..” and select “Include All Audio Files”.
  • For Wave Files, consolidate each track from the same starting point. Make sure to label each track and file name.
  • Do not exit page or refresh until upload is complete.

Next, Enter Your Project Info

This information will help with the organization and direction of the mix. Include any special directions in the Additional Info box.

If you have any trouble uploading, please Contact Us.